RoboCupJunior Rescue Maze

A disaster has occurred and it is too dangerous for human to enter. A Rescue mission is necessary. A fully autonomous robot needs to be sent into the hazardous maze to locate heated victims so that the humans know where they are. A rescue package needs to be dropped for the humans that will locate them and keep them alive, ‘water’ etc (note: simulated).

In RCAP 2022, RoboCupJunior Rescue Line is virtual competition only.

1. Team Size
  • Number of members per team: 1 – 4
2. Team Members
  • All members are 19 or below.
3. Sub-Leagues
  • Maze
    • No age groups
4. Rules
5. Timeline
  • 15 October 2022 – Deadline for online registration and TDP submission
  • Weekends in November 2022 – Virtual competition. Details will be released later.
  • 26 November 2022 – Award ceremony
6. Documents to be submitted when registering online by 15 Oct 2022
7. Registration and payment
  • Click HERE for registration
8. Influncer Award
9. Contact